• Perception

  • A maiden arrived in Dhaka

    A maiden arrived in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh. It will never known the exact figure of up coming population in Dhaka everyday. Mostly come to Dhaka in shake of earning money, trying for a better life. It is really a question does ‘Dhakabashi’ [people live in Dhaka] live a good life?

  • Daily life in Buriganga

    No matter the dreams of Dhaka coming true or not life goes it’s own way! The Buriganga is matter of concern for civil society for it’s highly polluted black water. It is monsoon, Buriganga is full of muddy water. It doesn’t matter that much for the people living at the bank of Buriganga.

  • Newspaper hawker

    Sadarghat launch terminal is almost empty in the rainy afternoon, a newspaper hawker trying to get himself under a shadow, but most of launch terminal shadows are severally damaged, resulting hazards for the passengers.